Episode 9 – 2 Hosts | 2 Interviews

Pinball: Dennis goes over the results of Round 1 of the 1980s Pinball Machine Mania Tournament, and announces the Round 2 match-ups.

As a transition topic (since virtual pinball can be thought of as a pinball topic AND a video game topic), we feature Dennis’ interview with Brad Baker, founder of VPCabs. Dennis and Brad discuss the VPCabs product line, future plans, and what it was like for Brad to be on the ABC TV show Shark Tank.

Video Games: Tony and Dennis go over the Civiliation 6 announcement and their thoughts on the series of Strategy games.

Tabletop: Here we feature Tony’s interview with Stephanie Bryant, creator of the Threadbare RPG. Tony and Stephanie go over the Threadbare concept, how it developed, and how it will work in final form.

Round 2 of 1980s Pinball Machine Mania Tournament: http://goo.gl/forms/fZGaUg51J7AGxEhA3

VPCabs: https://virtualpinball.com/

PinballSTAR Amusements: http://www.pinballstar.com/

Threadbare RPG: A stitchpunk tabletop role-playing game: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mortaine/threadbare-rpg-a-stitchpunk-tabletop-role-playing?ref=users

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