Episode 42 – The Don Returns!

Don (formerly of The Pinball Podcast and The Link Cable Podcast) joins Tony and Dennis once more, to talk all about pinball and video games.

Pinball: The segment opens with an interview Dennis conducted with Terry of Pinball Life (mostly on Pinball Life as a company, but there is a bit about Terry’s efforts on the ScoreGasm Master project). From there, Don, Dennis, and Tony turn to the somber topic of famed pinball designer John Trudeau’s arrest on child pornography charges. The pinball segment ends with a follow-up on last episode’s “Is Pinball Too Expensive” topic, due to listener feedback, with a focus on new machines at lower price points from Homepin and Multimorphic’s P3 platform.

Video Games: No Overwatch (there’s a lot of upcoming news, but Don forbids Overwatch talk!). Instead, the guys tackle Mass Effect: Andromeda, Iron Cast, Cold Waters, Sonic Mania, Agents of Mayhem, Sniper Elite 4, Miracle Merchant, and No Man’s Sky.

Pinball Life: http://www.pinballlife.com/

Information on the ScoreGasm Master: http://www.dayonepinball.com/games/scoregasm-master/

Trudeau Charged with Possessing Child Pornography: http://chicago.suntimes.com/news/glendale-heights-man-charged-with-possessing-child-pornography/

Homepin’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HomepinPinball/

Multimorphic, Inc.’s Website: http://www.multimorphic.com/

Mass Effect Andromeda Abandoned: https://www.masseffect.com/news/mass-effect-andromeda-update-from-the-studio

Episode 41 – Cold Waters Drown the Silver Ball

Pinball: Tony and Dennis start off with the results of their ranking poll on best modern era billiards-themed pinball machines. From there, it’s some rapid fire news from Stern Pinball (an update on their manuals’ ghosting clause, a KISS code update, and a new Marketing Director). After that, a brief discussion of Stern’s Star Wars Premium pinball, as streamed by DEAD FLIP. The segment closes with a deep thoughts level of discussion on a major question coming up lately, “Is pinball too expensive?”

Video Games: Discussion starts off with the controversial decision to embed loot boxes into the upcoming Middle Earth: Shadow of War. From there, a discussion of Overwatch’s Summer Games, with a specific focus on Lucioball. Tony then rigs for silent running in a discussion of the finally-acquired Cold Waters. Dennis and Tony then share their experiences with The Jackbox Party Pack 2 (in which they played all the games in a group setting full of crazy nonsense!).

Coast 2 Coast Pinball: http://www.coast2coastpinball.com/

Head2Head Pinball: http://www.head2headpinball.com/

DEAD FLIP’s Star Wars Premium Footage (8/4/2017): https://youtu.be/4ZuYrVKAKiE