Episode 7 – Slings, Foxes, Neos, and Cards

Pinball: Tony and Dennis open with a discussion on Ghostbusters LE/Premium magnaslings, and conclude with The Big Lebowski finally shipping (and the option for air delivery).

Video Games: Star Fox Zero, Pinball FX2’s Alien DLC pack, and BattleFleet Gothic Armada round out the software discussion. Sony’s PS4 upgrade is also examined.

Tabletop: The third edition of Warmahordes, the Dresden Files cooperative card game, and Noisy Person Cards are three new upgrades/games that get attention, along with International Tabletop Day.

Episode 6 – Nick Dangerous Interview, FFXV, & Tabletop Miniatures

Pinball: Dennis interviews Nick Dangerous of the Dallas Makerspace VECTOR Committee to talk Freedom pinball, restorations, and long-term plans in the Dallas area.

Video Games: Tony and Dennis discuss the (finally!) announced release of Final Fantasy XV, their history with the franchise, and thoughts on the JRPG genre as a whole.

Tabletop: Tony dives deep into tabletop miniatures and what goes into playing such games.