Episode 64 – E3 2018

Tony and Dennis are joined by Eric and Don to deep dive into the happenings at E3.

Dennis starts the podcast solo, answering questions about the show and bypassing the typical introduction segment.

Pinball: Dennis covers the pinball news alone, talking about Sandra Bullock wanting a Demolition Man pinball machine, Scott Danesi designing a second game for Spooky Pinball, Joe Schober joining American Pinball, and David Thiel becoming exclusive to deeproot Pinball.

After the news, Tony joins the show and wraps up the results of The Worst of the Fall.

Video Games: Tony and Dennis open with what they’ve been playing. After that, Eric and Don join as guests, and the rest of the episode is dedicated to E3, revolving around the announcements from the major press conferences (EA, Microsoft, Bethesda, Square Enix, Ubisoft, the PC Gaming Show, Sony, and Nintendo).

Episode 63 – Zach Attack!

Tony and Dennis are joined by Zachary Meny, of Straight Down the Middle: a pinball show, to talk about the silver ball.

Pinball: In pinball news, discussion focuses on This Week in Pinball being open to donations, John Popadiuk filing an appeal in his civil case regarding Zidware, a leaked image of the Deadpool playfield from Stern Pinball, the rapid sell-out of the Supreme pinball machine, the announcement that Star Trek pinball is getting a Vault Edition, and Homepin indicating their second pinball machine will target the Chinese market.

After the news, Tony leads everyone into the final round of The Worst of the Fall. Zach then describes his approach as a pinball collector, and how SDTM handles reviewing pinball machines. Finally, everyone tries the SDTM approach and reviews Wrestlemania.

Video Games: Zach, Tony, and Dennis have a brief discussion on the best video game consoles of all time.

Straight Down the Middle: a pinball show (YouTube channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAoeA05zcyksTEN3dEXCzCA

Straight Down the Middle: a pinball show (audio podcast): http://www.podcastgarden.com/podcast/httpyoutubeubovjgfcizw

This Week in Pinball donation and giveaway details: http://thisweekinpinball.com/june-giveaway-extravaganza/

Round 6 Worst of the Fall voting: https://goo.gl/forms/5Oco4gF94pukjdf83