Episode 18 – American Pinball?!?

Tony is back, and there’s so much news to cover, especially pinball news!

Pinball: The guys talk about the newly announced American Pinball, their association with JPOP, and the stated offer to produce Magic Girl while moving forward with their own pin theme (also magic themed). From there, Tony and Dennis hit on Batman 66’s pricing and the application process for the SLE models. The pinball talk is rounded up with Spooky and their new unit count and pricing model announced for as-yet-unkown game number three.

Video Games: Dennis leads off with Firewatch, which is now available on Xbox One (and all versions have received some new features along with this release). Tony covers Mad Max, and the joys of vehicle combat.

Tabletop: It is all about Secret Hitler, which both Tony and Dennis played against each other to the doom of all mankind.

Dennis’ YouTube “application” video for a Batman 66 SLE: https://youtu.be/SMC5xt-VT3o

Jeff’s YouTube “application” video for a Batman 66 SLE: https://youtu.be/365KuFK6mxM

Podcast Unlocked Episode 264: http://xbox360.ign.libsynpro.com/podcast-unlocked-episode-264-firewatch-creators-discuss-xbox-version

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