Episode 172 – We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Sequel

Pinball: Coverage focuses on more information coming out regarding Pinball Brother’s Queen, a release date for Homepin’s Spinal Tap, a discussion about JJP’s reported slow sales on Toy Story 4 LE along with their decision not to use the other films, Stern Pinball not revealing anything at Comic Con, a listener email with a proposed Pinside-themed pinball machine, and Rumor Corner.

Video Games: This segment covers how two different companies are approaching NFTs, FIFA 23 not having the Russian team, John Romero returning to the FPS world, Nintendo updating some eshop closure details on older systems, Sony confirming they now fully have Bungie, Bayonetta 3 getting a modesty mode, and Nintendo warning users that the Switch is not designed for use in high heat.

Episode Links:
Pinball News article about Pinball Brothers’ Queen: https://www.pinballnews.com/site/2022/07/21/queen-revealed/

Knapp Arcade article about JJP details revealed in a Jack Guarnieri interview on the Super Awesome Pinball Show: https://www.knapparcade.org/post/more-jersey-jack-inside-info-willy-wonka-was-not-the-first-toy-story-game-reskinned-more

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