Episode 83 – Carnies in the House

Nick Baldridge (For Amusement Only: The EM & Bingo Pinball Podcast and Gaming on Ten Minutes a Week) joins us to discuss the new publication he co-authored with Ryan Claytor called Coin-Op Carnival: Electrifying Tales of Mechanical Contraptions.

Pinball: Discussion revolves entirely around the upcoming Coin-Op Carnival publication, with a hefty dose of EM discussion sprinkled throughout. Also, Nick plays a game of 20 Questions.

Video Games: The news features and update regarding Activision-Blizzard and also Bioware’s game Anthem. From there, another varied discussion ensues regarding video games in general.

Listen during the episode’s pinball segment to learn how to enter to win a copy of Coin-Op Carnival (worldwide) and/or an NVRAM chip (U.S. only)!

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