Episode 77 – Munsters in a Canvas Bag

Pinball: In news, Dennis and Tony talk about the upcoming Munsters pin by Stern Pinball, deeproot pinball’s announcement that they will not be revealing at the 2019 Texas Pinball Festival, some discussion regarding Jersey Jack Pinball and the whole Wonka versus Toy Story plan in 2019, and This Week in Pinball’s upcoming TWIPY awards.

Afterward, Dennis spends some time reviewing Pinball Magazine #5. Finally, Dennis and Tony both play 20 Questions.

Before the video game segment, but after the pinball segment, Tony and Dennis provide a holiday gift guide (touching on both video game and pinball culture).

Video Games: Tony walks through all the new Fallout 76 issues, the announced Outer Worlds game, Epic launching a new gaming store to rival Steam, and Blizzard’s decision to scale back on their MOBA Heroes of the Storm.

Episode Links:
Special When Lit Pinball Podcast interview with Brian Eddy: https://specialwhenlitpinballpodcast.libsyn.com/episode-28-brian-eddy-stern-pinball

This Week in Pinball for 12/10/2018: https://thisweekinpinball.com/6471-2/

This Week in Pinball article covering the deeproot announced reveal delay: https://thisweekinpinball.com/deeproot-pinball-launch-postponed/

TWIPY information: https://thisweekinpinball.com/coming-soon-the-twipy-pinball-awards-a-celebration-of-the-hobby/

Gottlieb at CafePress: https://www.cafepress.com/gottlieb_pinball

Teepublic https://www.teepublic.com

NES Classic: https://www.nintendo.com/nes-classic/

SNES Classic: https://www.nintendo.com/super-nes-classic/

Tiltcycle: http://tiltcycle.com/

Jinx: https://www.jinx.com/

Thinkgeek: https://www.thinkgeek.com/

The Outer Worlds trailer: https://youtu.be/MGLTgt0EEqc

Epic Games store announcement: https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/blog/announcing-the-epic-games-store

Heroes of the Storm news: https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/blizzard/22833558/heroes-of-the-storm-news

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